2020. (Postponed).
 Blood Wedding”. Federico García Lorca. 
            Dir. Diana Almeida. Everyman Theatre, Cardiff UK.
2020. (Posponed). "A Midsummer Night's dream". W. Shakespeare. 
            Dir: Diana Brooks. Jorvik Theatre. York, UK
2020. (Posponed).  "Clue, On Stage". Jonathan Lynn. 
            Dir: Alex Wilson. Red Herring Theatre. Cardiff, UK.
2020The house of Bernarda Alba”. Script - reading.  
            Dir: Diana Almeida. Everyman Theatre. Cardiff, UK.
2019. “Helena’s Trial”. Based on the text “Juicio a una zorra” by Miguel del Arco. 
            Dir: Diana Almeida. University of South Wales.
2019Schezeherezade’s RoomErotic story-telling for adults. 
            Dir: Diana Almeida. University of South Wales. Cardiff, UK.
2019 "The Cherry Orchard" Anton Chejov. 
            Dir: Simon Futty.
 Everyman Theatre. Chapter Theatre. Cardiff, UK.   
2019. "The dream of the poet". Based on Federico Garcia Lorca's texts. 
            Dir: Diana Almeida University of South Wales. Cardiff, UK.
2016-2018. “Felicia, the headless ladyStreet performance, magic and theatre. 
            Miguelillo SL. National tour (Spain)
2017.  “Medea”Euripides. 
            Némesis Teatro, USAL. Salamanca, Spain.
2017.  Oasis Cabaret” Musical Theatre, by J.K. Wesner. 
            La Tijera Teatro. Zamora, Spain.
2015-2017. El mágico efecto secundario” (“The magic side effect”).  
            Miguelillo SL.  National Tour (Spain) 
2015 – 2017. "La Señorita Lupierre" (“Miss Lupierre”). Street performance, magic and theatre. 
            Miguelillo SL. National tour (Spain)
2016. “Un corazón lleno de lluvia” (“A heart full of rain”). Jorge Diaz. 
            Dir: Almudena San Frutos. Juan del Enzina Teatro. Zamora, Spain.
2014. “De rojo y pasiones” (“About red and passion.”), Adriana Allende. 
            Dir: Almudena San Frutos. Juan Del Enzina Teatro.
 Zamora, Spain. 
2013-2014. “Cuadros de amor y humor” (“Paintings of love and laughter”) J. Alonso de Santos. 
            Dir: Antonio Sastre.  Juan del Enzina Teatro. Zamora, Spain.
2008 – 2013. “Medievalia”. Dramatized routes, site specific. 
            Dir: Antonio Sastre. "Juan del Enzina Teatro". Zamora, Spain.
2010. “Divorciadas, evangélicas y vegetarianas” (“Divorced, evangelist, vegetarians”) Octavio Ott. Dir. 
            Dir: Antonio Sastre. Juan del Enzina Teatro. Zamora, Spain.
2010. “Toda esta larga noche” (“All this long night”) Jorge Diaz. 
           Dir: Antonio Sastre. Juan del Enzina Teatro. Zamora, Spain
2009. “Cuadros de amor y humor” (“Paintings of love and laughter”) J. Alonso de Santos. 
           Dir: Antonio Sastre. Juan del Enzina Teatro. Zamora, Spain
2009. “El cerco de Zamora” (“The siege of Zamora”Anonimous text. Verse. Site specific theatre. 
           Dir: Juan Polanco. Zamora, Spain.

Director, Translation.

Actor (Hippolita)

Actor (Ivette)

Director, Adaptation.                                      

Director, Translation, 
Actor (Helena)
Director, actor.

Actor (Charlotte)

Director, actor.

Actor (Felicia)

Actor (Jason)

Actor (Ceci)

Actor(Celissa / Elf)

Actor (Miss Lupierre)

Actor (Alejandra)

Actor (Milagros)

Actor (Various roles)

Actor (Various roles)

Actor (Beatriz)

Actor (Jimena)

Actor (Various roles)

Actor (Narrator)


2015-2017. Free Time Instructor, Directo Al Corazón. Zamora, Spain

  • Crafts workshops with kids ages 3-10 years.
  • Coordinating carnival parades for kids and their families.
  • Outdoor activities: traditional games and sports instructors, summer camp instructor.
  • Storytelling for babies and young kids.

2016. After School Theatre Teacher, Educco. Zamora, Spain.

  • Direct and coordinate a theatre group of 10 kids with ages between 4 and 10 years.
  • Body expression, sing/dance, emotional intelligence through theatre workshops.
  • Final project: "Alice in Wonderland" play.

2014. Child Support Centre, Cáritas Charity.  Zamora, Spain.

  • Volunteering program, working with kids and teenagers with ages between 6 and 18 at risk of social exclusion.
  • Manage lunchtime, playtime, homework.
  • Coordinate different group activities like theatre, dance or podcast workshops.


2020. BBC Sesh. Comedy Sketches, online platform. BBC Online, BBC Wales.  
2017. "Un país mágico" ("A magical country).  Entertainment, travel and culture TV Show.  National TV. La 2, RTVE.  Script writer.
2009. “Castilla y León es magia” (“Castilla y León is magic”).   Pilot TV Show development and film. Regional TV. TV CyL . Scriptwriter, production assistant.
2016.  Summer internship. La 8, RTV CyL.  News and magazine. `Content creator, `TV presenter, journalist. 



2016 - 2018. PhD Gender Studies and Equality Politics (Paused). University Of Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain.

  • Research line: Contemporary art and education (Women and literature, women and performing arts).
  • National Winner 3 Minute Thesis (2017 Edition). Presentation: “Women and Comedy”.
  • 56º International Americanist Studies Speaker "Drag and Transfeminism" 
  • Thesis Project: “Gender inside Genre. A transfeminist revision of the new Variety Theatre”

2018/2019 MA in Drama. University of South Wales, Cardiff.

 2014-2015. MA in Fictional Script for TV and Film. Pontifical University of Salamanca. (Salamanca) 60 credits ECTS (1.500h)

 2010 - 2014 Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Pontifical University of Salamanca.


  • 2019. Breathing Lorca Acting Course. Jorge de Juan / Spanish Theatre Company. London, UK
  • 2019.  Stunts and Combat for Camera Workshop. Flashing Blades, Cardiff, UK.
  • 2018. Casting training workshop. Juan León / Actors Madrid. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2014.  Recreational Activities Instructor Course. Turma School.  Zamora, Spain.
  • 2014- Improvisation acting course. Carles Castillo. Salamanca.
  • 2014-  Dubbing Workshop. AM School, Madrid